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There is a term that "the ball is round" so do not rule out a team that featured above may be violated by the bottom team in the underdog.
There are so many wonders that created by football, the supporters and even the audience was shocked, surprised, amazed at such events.

I do not know how many people rejoiced and wept with emotion as football but at the same time people should be disappointed, sad, and even shed tears after merepon results of football matches.

Here's Miracle happens in football.

1. The 1954 World Cup Final, Bern Switzerland.

This match is the greatest inspiration for German football. This Final dubbed 'Miracle of Berne'. Germany had to face Hungary which is the strongest football nations at that time. Hungarian legend strengthened by Feren Puscas, Sandor Kocsis, Nandor Hiderguti and has a record of 30 games unbeaten before the final, including slaughtering Germany 8-3 in the preliminary round.

The game has been running 8 minutes Hungary already 2-0, and seemed to easily grab Julis Rimet trophy. But the victory did not last long. Only ten minutes later the score was a draw, and six minutes from time to silence the Hungarian and German world by creating the winning goal through Helmuth Rahn at once seize World Cup for the first time.

Departing from this moment, the German national team later dubbed Staying Power, Diesel Engine slow heat. But do not ever underestimate Germany. Germany is a specialist tournament until now.

2. Finals 1974 World Cup, Munich Germany.

Remembered as the world cup final match of the greatest in history. Back involving Germany, and also shows the winning mentality back Germany. This time though as the host, Germany must challenge the Netherlands, a country that many of their neighbors in jagokan to win this tournament. Dutch presence in the final after a tough bulldoze countries such as Brazil, Argentina with the game Tottal Voettbal led the living legend, Johan Cruffj.

The match lasted one minute and yet there is a German player who touches the ball, but the Dutch are already ahead thanks to a penalty goal. Netherlands may forget that Germany is a country that never gave up, they were finally defeated thanks to 2 goals Paul Breitner also through the white point and the winning goal by Gerd Muller. Germany then champion world cup for the second time under the German captain and legend, the emperor Franz Beckenbeuer.

3. Quarter Final World Cup 1986, Azteca Mexico.

I subjectively assess terdahsyat this miracle ever happened on the football field. The match between Argentina against England is the hottest game and can not be forgotten. Moreover, the game is linked to political issues between the two countries are at odds seize the Falklands Islands.

Value miracle it was two goals that Maradona still discussed to this day. The first goal using his hands and then gave himself the nickname Hand of God goal and the second goal by FIFA regarded as the best goal in the history. Maradona did slalom from midfield and passed five English players and goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

Needless to say this party. Irrefutable 'the Boncel' makes miracle that might not happen again.

4. The Champions League Final 1999 Barcelona Spain.

Final brings Manchester United and Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp Stadium and led by the best in the history of the referee , Pierluigi Collina .

MU came to Catalunya with high confidence after the previous week won the domestic double winners in the competition . They want to complete the Champion Trophy . Coach Alex Ferguson ( after this party is called Sir Alex ) was also curious because they have not been able to conquer the prestigious European competition .

When the entire Bayern supporters were ready to celebrate the victory having been 1-0 up until the 90th minute , the miracle came silence . Manchester United get a corner kick two minutes 91 and 93 are executed David Beckham and successfully converted a goal by Teddy and Ole Gunnar Seringham Solkjaer .
Manchester United won Trebble Winner, 1999 was the best year MU . In Press Confrence , coach Ferguson inspiring : " every human being has a spirit and that spirit can get us out of any trouble , as long as we are willing to acknowledge and obey the spirit of power . "

5. Semifinals of Euro 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch challenged Italy to fight one final tickets . Dutch to host advanced to the finals with four victories won convincingly . While Italy to the semifinals thanks to the action that is actually normal . Italy is not at all in unggulkan and predicted would lift a suitcase tomorrow morning .
20 minutes , Italy had had to play 10 against the Netherlands supported the 50,000 supporters who mengorangekan Amsterdam Arena . 90 minutes of normal time Dutch attacking all-out latch Italy commanded by Paolo Maldini . I was also surprised that none of the ball into the net deign Italy escorted Francesco Toldo , even had a penalty .

I guess enough extra time completing Italian resistance . And it turns out wrong , though continue to surround and back get a penalty , Italy remains torn nets , as there is little angel guarding .

And finally this is the punishment for the Netherlands . They are painful defeat on penalties that are highly anticipated by the Azzurri camp . From 4 executioner Dutch only one wicket penetrating , even kicks Japp Stam soar to exit the stadium , the Dutch people commented the ball up to Rotterdam , where the final. While Totti penalty kick chips into inspiration .

6. Wonders of South Korea 2002 World Cup

Together with Japan, South Korea is host World Cup 2002. South Korea during their World Cup games did not even win. But look at their actions as host. Meneer Hiddink coached South Korea became a phenomenon WC 2002. They appear as a semi-finalist with a strong beat four European countries: Poland, Portugal, Italy, and Spain.
Despite the many accusations of cheating as the host, South Korea's display of attacking football that mengibur. The players also never gave up and made ​​public soccer world wonder how the physical strength of the South Korean players seemed to exceed the limits of human physical abilities.

Portugal made ​​home early, Italy busy blaming referee Byron Moreno as a pretext defeat, and Spain also made ​​helpless sometimes disgraced South Korean beat them easily.

Suddenly all citizens carousel united and proud as a Korean citizen. When will Indonesia be like South Korea.

7. Champions League Final 2005, Istanbul Turkey.

AC Milan had a 3-0 lead in the first half and had celebrated the victory in the locker room as if they forget that there are still 45 minutes they had to play.

Liverpool camp heard the celebration and determined if they should lose tonight should be honored, they realized it took a miracle to pursue a three-goal deficit in the final class party LC against a team as good as AC Milan experienced.

God provided a miracle for those who keep trying. Led by Stevie G, within 15 minutes of the second half meyamakan Liverpool have managed to score a goal thanks to Gerrard, Smicer, and Penalty Baros. Liverpool won 3-2 on penalties. One of the most dramatic finals in the history of the LC.

8.Keajaiban Turkey to Euro 2008 Semi Finals

Turkey v / s Republic
Turkey ultimately advanced to the next round after the ' get rid of ' Republic dramatically with a 3-2 victory . Why the dramatic ? ? for up to 75 minutes sebenarnnya Republic already 2-0 up , but 75 minutes into Turkey managed to reduce the lag and even regret again for supporting the Czechs were two goals from Nihat Kahveci Om in minutes 87 and 89, which destroys their dreams to advance to the quarter finals !

Turkey v / s Croasia
Indeed, since the beginning I did not expect much from this match . Their status as a dark horse is very different when compared to the next match . And in fact all the 2 x 45 minutes of normal time they are boring game , but this game can be quite dramastis .

I say dramastis not because the game ended with a penalty shoot-out , but rather that the process of goal in the 2nd half of extra time . Croatia scored in the 120th minute with a header using a blunder keeper Turkey Klasnic is too far left goalpost . Croatia already feel will win because only 1 minute add time . But it is precisely in the final seconds that Turkey can be an equalizer and the match must end with a penalty kick shootout . And then the result of the penalty so it was really touching as when Turkey beat the Czech in the preliminary round which makes them qualify . Croatia was eliminated by a score of 1-3 because of two kick players off the mark and the fourth kicker can be blocked by Rustu . Turkey only issued 3 execution only, and it all makes .
Krosia would cry , when victory is in sight . Remember minute they scored 120 , eventually lost by a penalty kick shootout . Turkey will face Germany in the semi-finals .

9. Manchester City victory over Queen Park Ranger makes lifting Tropy city Preimere champions England 2011-2012 season.

English football matches are always thrilling . In the English Premiere League , victory and defeat a team is often determined at the last minute . Peak , conquering Manchester City Queens Park Rangers 3-2 in the last match of the season at the Etihad on Sunday ( 13/5 ) .
City triumph specified goal by Sergio Aguero in injury time which leaves one more minute . Goal is to change the score to 3-2 immediately greeted by the Citizens . Fans cheer for victory is immediately brought City champions for the first time since 1968 .

Imagine 44 years they have to wait to lift the trophy . City is only a shadow of city rivals Manchester United who already broke the record for the Premier League championship trophy .
City had been almost given up . Pablo Zabaleta excel first pass . However , QPR were able to reverse the situation through Djibril Cisse brace and Mackie . Score 2-1 to QPR survive until the last minute . The referee then gave an additional five minutes .
And , five minutes that could change the history of City . Preceded by a header from Edin Dzeko equalized to 2-2 . Lastly, kicking Aguero brought City won 3-2 .

10. Wonders Chelsea in the 2012 Champions League Final match.

The Blues Chelsea finally managed to fulfill his ambition to win a trophy the first 2012 European Champions League after beating hosts Bayern Munich on penalties with the score 5-4 . Chelsea's victory at the Allianz Arena , Munich headquarters , it becomes sweet gift for goalkeeper Petr Cech is currently repeating the same 30th year . On the day of his birthday , the Czech Republic 's goalkeeper performed brilliantly saved several times from the Chelsea goal conceded .

Since the kick - off at the Allianz Arena , Munich hosts had put pressure on various fronts. Through the motor attacks striker Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery and Thomas Muller , Munich several times threaten the Chelsea goal .

Chelsea have Cech lucky . Goalkeeper laden experience was able to stem the barrage Munich players . Until the first half ended , escorting tough Cech of Chelsea goalkeeper conceded . Tenure 0-0 .

In the second half , did not reduce the Munich attack . Attempts to conquer Cech Muenchen succeeded after several goal chances they always defeated goalkeeper who is always wearing the protective headgear .
Thomas Mueller was finally able to find the net Cech in the 83rd minute . Mueller who was in the penalty box welcomes feedback from the left with a header that reflected first down . Cech was able to ward off late for the ball rolled into the net.

Mueller 's goal seemed to sting London forces . Diarsiteki team interim coach Roberto Di Matteo was behind the attack. In the 89th minute , the Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba managed to kick the ball hard headed Juan Mata's corner to level the score to 1-1 . 1-1 score lasted until round two ends , and followed by an additional round .

In extra time , Chelsea's Cech back into the savior of defeat . When it Muenchen awarded a penalty after Ivica Olic dropping Didier Drogba in the penalty box .

Taken penalty from referee Dutch midfielder Arjen Robben . The Chelsea fans had become strained . The tension that just ended with thunderous joy because of the goalkeeper , Cech , Robben able to kick dismissed . Chelsea goal was saved , and keep open the opportunity to win a trophy .

Cech scintillating action was apparently made quite frustrating Munich player . Until the extra period expires , the position remained 1-1 , so the game should end with penalties.

Munich player frustration over Cech apparently brought toughness to the shootout . The players looked tense when Munich will take the kick from the spot .

Munich is only able to break through the Chelsea goal Phillip Lahm , Mario Gomez , and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer . Again Cech memunyai big role in this round of penalty kicks . He was able to ward off a penalty kick Ivica Olic . Bastian Schweinsteiger failed kick being widened .

In contrast , of the five Chelsea penalty taker , only Juan Mata who failed to perform their duties properly . David Luiz , Frank Lampard , Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba successfully carry out their respective duties . Drogba 's goal was a decisive victory over the Blues FC Hollywood . Cech and his colleagues also bring the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge .


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